Thursday, May 14, 2015

RSR: Festival of Fun

Calling all RSR families:
Run Vermont puts on an event for all the RSR Northern Vermont teams called the Festival of Fun which will be held June 1. It is very exciting for the kids to participate in a run with all the other teams of Northern Vermont. The information is below. The kids can do both the half mile and then the one mile (total 1 ½ miles!) if they so choose. If you have questions please call or e­mail. As you can see this is an early event and we realize some folks are working : notice the suggestion for carpooling.
We will be there to help supervise youngsters whose families can not attend. OUR celebration at the park on June 8 is also a family event ­ so there are 2 opportunities! We will also give each child the waiver to fill out (Catamount Family Center has a policy that anyone using their facility has signed a waiver) or follow the link below. We will collect them and hand them in for the team.

JUNE 1:Festival of Fun Family Event

The Schedule: 4:00pm Arrival at Catamount Outdoor Family Center, Williston ·
RSR Participants will go to designated locations at Catamount Outdoor Family Center accompanied  
bytheir parents. There will be a sign with RES on it to designate the meeting place for our team.
4:30pm Half Mile Run · All Half Mile Runners Gather for Warm Up and Race Start
5:15pm One Mile Run · All One Mile Runners Gather for Warm Up and Race Start

The Food: Each Ready, Set, Run participant will enjoy a complimentary dinner served by Moe’s beginning at 4:45pm. *Family members can enjoy Moe’s food for a nominal charge. BRING CASH if YOU plan to eat. There will be multiple food lines in order to facilitate minimal waiting.

Transportation: · Last Spring there were some traffic backups getting into Catamount, so plan to carpool if possible. There will be a crew of folks helping park, so please follow instructions upon arrival to the parking lots. · When driving to Catamount you can use Various Routes: Route 117 to North Williston Rd to Governor Chittenden Rd & Route 2 North from Richmond Exit 12 to Governor Chittenden Road Closing Ceremony.

Celebration:   We coaches will receive a box with medals etc. that are given to us by RSR for the kids. We will be giving all our children their ‘participation’ bling at our own celebration on June 8 ­ and not at this Festival. Some teams will distribute it at the Festival and we will discuss this with our team before June 1 so they are prepared (we did the same thing last year which worked out very well).. Realistically all of our children have run 50 miles from the start to the finish of the program ­ mostly by simply coming to practices!

RSVP: We need to let them know the number of families and runners who will be participating in this event by May 21. WAIVER: VERY IMPORTANT WE HAVE THESE BY MAY 21 AS WELL. THANKS ALL!


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